Satin or high gloss finish

Q: We are in the process of refinishing our hardwood floors and are debating whether or not to go with satin or high gloss polyurethane. We have two Golden Retrievers and are worried about durability. Our installer plans to clear coat the floor with 2 coats of high gloss polyurethane.

He says that a satin finish will show scratches more than the high gloss. He also says that the satin polyurethane is a watered-down high gloss polyurethane and won’t last as long. Any suggestions regarding satin or high gloss?

A: In my view, regarding polyurethane, gloss is slightly tougher, but gloss also shows marks far more readily than a low shine. The difference in the solids content is usually not that great. You are better to go with satin, which is not watered down version of gloss. A flattener is added to gloss to dull the shine.

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