A spruce up of hardwood previously covered by carpet

Q: We bought our house 20 years ago and it had carpet on the floors. We took the carpet up over 5 yr.. ago and noticed that it had hardwood floors, and no noticeable damage. Since we had already bought the carpet to put down, we put the new carpet down. Now we want to take the carpet up and use the hardwood floors. We do not have the finances to refinish the floors at this time but want to have it done in the next year or so.

What should our next step be and what should we use to accomplish this?

A: I would likely remove the carpet, smooth edge, staples etc. Install 1/4 round and live with the floor until I could afford to have it re finished. I don”t think I would necessarily do or apply anything to the floors at this point, unless there is no finish of any kind on them now.

Follow-up Q: If there is no finish on them presently, what would you suggest to put on them until we can have the floors done professionally?

A: Apply an oil finish.

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