Why are my wood floors sticky?

Q: Why are my wood floors sticky? I use warm water and no other cleaners, but lately I’ve noticed that my floors are kind of sticky, especially if the floor is exposed to a sunny area? 

My floors are only about 2 years old, birch, high gloss finish.

A: Purchase a cleaner called Bona Pacific floor cleaner. Your local hardwood flooring retailer should carry this or get it for you. Excellent product.

Related Q: My kitchen has a hardwood floor that is sticky, no matter how many times I clean it. How can I get rid of this stickiness of my floor?

A: Is the floor sticky because something fell on the finish or is the finish itself sticky? You could use a polyurethane cleaner made by Poloplaz, Bona Kemi, Basic coatings etc. If the floor happens to be finished with shellac, however these cleaners will likely dissolve the shellac because of the small alcohol content in them. You could also try TSP to clean them.