Urine stains

Q: We have recently removed carpet from a house that I have lived in for 2 years. The carpet had been down for 10+ years and it was used by the previous owner’s dog as a bathroom. Under the carpet is hardwood, but it has urine stains. The carpet pad was stuck to the floor and some of the staples were rusted. Upon removing the pad and scrubbing the floor, there are light stains left by the mess.

What do we need to do or use to restore the floor to the way it should be – pretty and unstained?

A: You may have to replace the floor to achieve a light colour. There is no way, short of sanding, to know if the stains can be removed. It doesn’t sound very hopeful.

A Smaller Scale Related Q: Dog urine has left a mark on my dark cherry wood floor. Tried Bona products to no avail. What to do?

A: If you have a spare board you could replace the damaged piece. I’ve heard of people using hydrogen peroxide with some success. There is also another product I’d love to test. It is called stain solver, made by a retired builder in the U.S., Tim Carter from www.askthebuilder.com. Anything like this is worth a try. It’s not as if you have to worry about ruining the plank.