Sheen doesn’t match despite using same prefinished product

Q: I have just had prefinished ******** 3/4 inch cinnamon maple hardwood installed in my living room. It is weaved into the existing floor where it meets the kitchen. The kitchen floors are the exact same product, but two years older. The stain color matches exactly, but the finish of the old floor is more shinny.

Why is this and is there anything I can do to minimize the difference in sheen?

A: Very strange. One would have thought, if anything, it would have been the older floor which would lose it’s shine first. Aside from the possibility a different cleaner or product has been used on one side that the other, leaving a dulling residue, I don’t know how to explain it. This could happen easily enough. If you had a lot of wooden furniture in the new side and happen to use furniture polish in that area and it gets on the floor, that could explain the dullness. If none of this could be true, then I would ask the manufacturer. You might want to try out Bona Kemi Pacific floor cleaner first, which does a great job of removing contaminants from the finish surface.