Sticky gunk

Q: We just started removing vinyl tiles from a gorgeous hard wood floor. The tiles were removed with a heat gun and a putty knife. The floor looks great underneath, but there is a film of adhesive on the floor and we don’t know how to remove it. The adhesive is REALLY sticky and if you walk across the floor and stop, you may not move again!

We used mineral spirits to remove some, no luck. We also used lacquer thinner, this removed a little, but not all of the stickiness. Should we just continue with lacquer thinner over and over, or is there something that will dissolve or help to remove the stick without hurting the hard wood?

A: I would suggest hiring a professional hardwood floor refinisher. You won’t be able to remove all this goo, no matter how much time and money you spend. Don’t you think it would be more cost effective to pay someone who has the equipment and know how to do it once and do it right?