Scratches and laminate flooring

Q: Is there anyway to remove scratches from laminate flooring?

A: To actually remove the scratch? Not that I know of. If you can find a felt pen of the same color, you might be able to help hide it. Otherwise, I would suggest you ask the floor manufacturer.

Related Q: My son’s walker has put surface marks and scratches all over my laminate floors. The polish I usually use doesn’t work and I have tried a variety of “Scratch” products. The marks cover too big of an area to use a pen or putty. Is there anything that I can buff in that will reduce the visibility of the marks/scratches? Or, possibly fill them in?

A: I’m a bit surprised your sons walker was able to do that kind of damage, given how hard laminate is. Is it because the rubber feet are worn? I’m not aware of anything that can fix this, as in a topical treatment. Basically laminate is a “throw away” floor. When it wears out you replace it. You might try contacting the manufacturer to see what they suggest. Wish I could have a magic formula for you.