Patched areas rippling

Q: We finished an extensive renovation in March-06. The renovation included the re-patching of a few areas of hardwood flooring (in 3 separate areas). The entire flooring area was then sanded, stained and polyed. The patching and finishing originally looked beautiful. However, the areas that were patched are now rippling. The ripples are visible and can be felt when running your hand or foot over the area.

The contractor did not do the hardwood work but subbed it out to a HW floor guy. The contractor looked at the work today. He is going to contact the sub to come see the work. Do you have any comments for me as to what might be occurring?

A: Were the areas that were repaired also showing cupping before they were repaired? I ask this because: wood should be acclimated to the environment for several days. However, even if the wood they used had higher moisture content above ideal, they still were able to make the wood “knit” into the old. If anything, I would have thought it would have shrunk and left gaps, rather than expanding and cupping. Do you have a moisture issue in those areas?