Matching quarter round to white baseboards

Q: We are having hardwoods installed in a few weeks and they plan to use quarter rounds between the baseboards and floors. Since we have 4 inch white baseboards I requested white quarter round mouldings. However, they acted like this was a rather strange request and had assumed that I would just want wood quarter rounds that matched the floors.

Is it unusual to have white quarter rounds if the mouldings are white? Are there any problems I would need to worry about with white quarter rounds such as more chipping?

A: Many people prefer the quarter round to match the baseboards. In this case, they are painted. A good choice is to install primed quarter round, and give it a finish coat after installation. You shouldn’t have any problem with chipping on new quarter round. The problem happens later when re painting and not preparing the previous coat. With poor adhesion you end up with easily chipping paint.