DIY funky stain

Q: I recently bought a house in severe need of full remodeling. We are to the point of redoing the hardwood floors. I want to stain the white oak to a dark mahogany color. I want to put down a layer of polyurethane first to seal the wood and then go over it with a poly/stain mix, then more polyurethane. My idea on this is – If we ever want the light color back, we can just sand down to the wood.

My questions then are – Is this possible? And, if so can I mix the stain and polyurethane (in what percentages)?

A: Honestly, you need to hire a professional. It takes a lot of practice on the job to become efficient at working the equipment, knowing which abrasives to use and on it goes. The questions you are asking reveal you’re not an expert in this trade, yet you think you can have such skill to sand with precision to a certain depth.

Don’t even go there. If you value your floors, let someone who is practised and experienced do the work.