Moisture in excess is an enemy of wood

Q: I just purchased a condo with hardwood floors that were installed about 3 years ago. It is summer in Chicago and it is hot and humid. The central air has not been on in the condo so far this summer so I am assuming that the floor has expanded about as much as it is going to. I see cracks in between some of the planks and in some corners the quarter round moulding does not cover small holes in the floor.

The cracks between the planks do not bother me aesthetically. I am wondering if it is OK to damp mop the floor the way it is? Or is too much moisture going to get underneath the planks because of the cracks and holes?

A: Moisture in excess is an enemy of wood. I would purchase some approved cleaner from the local flooring store, such as Bona Kemi Pacific floor cleaner. That is the best way to go.