Installing on top of old floor(s)?

Q: I presently have a floating laminate floor installed on top of a engineered floor that is glued to a 3/4″ subfloor. I want to remove the laminate flooring and replace it with a 3/4″ hardwood floor. My question is – do I have to remove the glued down engineered floor or could I install the new hardwood floor on top of the engineered floor?

If it is recommended to remove the glued down floor, what recommendations could you make in tips and techniques used to remove it?

A: I am not a big fan of multiple layers and would always prefer, if practical, to go down to the sub floor, which in this case is plywood. However, removing the engineered is likely more than it is worth to try to remove. It is all wood, at any rate, with a core like plywood. If it is solidly affixed with the adhesive, I would find the joists and screw through the engineered, just as an added precaution. Then nail the new floor over top.