Cleaning messy film on wood floors

Q: I believe our wood is called K***** and it is in a redwood finish. It has a shiny finish which was beautiful when it was new. Well, 1 year later w/ 2 kids and 2 dogs, the floor always looks dirty. After it is mopped, you can see a film of the footprints and traffic just a day later.

We have tried several products and I think we are making things worse. What do you recommend we do? Do I need a certain mop, floor cleaner, etc.? Are there any particular products you recommend?

A: Absolutely. Bona Kemi Pacific floor cleaner, which you should be able to buy from your local hardwood flooring retailer. I had another lady email with a similar problem. The “cleaners” she was using were leaving a film on the floor finish. With this cleaner and a lot of work, she said the other “stuff” peeled off like a bad sunburn and restored the new look of her floors.