Uneven transition

Q: I have some snap and click hardwood floors. I’m putting the transitions in from floor to tile and floor to concrete. Which tools and what is the best way to do this?

The cut from the hardwood to the tile is uneven so it makes a slight V shape. What’s the best way to cover this and make it flush?

A: If the 2 joining surfaces are of different heights or uneven then there is no “best way”. You will have to figure out a way to improvise.

Related Q: I have a difference in floor heights between two areas of my house that is at max 2 inches and is restricted to standard door widths. I have been looking for an Oak Lipover Reducer Moulding but cannot find one that can accommodate these heights. Presumably it will need to be 4-6 inches in width. These must be available somewhere. I had to remove the old one which unfortunately had been glued in place and thus splintered upon removal. Where can I look? Any advice gratefully welcomed.

A: Wood flooring suppliers or specialty mills who can make something to your specifications.