Kitchen floor install

Q: I am wanting to install hardwood floors in my kitchen. My question is how this can be done with my dishwasher and trash compactor? How do you adjust for the height of the wood flooring to them. You can’t just install the wood up to them as you would not be able to get them out at a later date if needed.

Any suggestions?

A: First, I would likely disconnect the dishwasher as needed to facilitate removal of all and any other flooring that exists, down to the original sub floor. That alone should grant you enough height to do this install. Depending on the condition of the sub floor, you may or may not need to screw down 3/8 spruce sheeting. There will be or should be allowance for height adjustment with your machine.

If none of this works, Then, leave the unit in place, and remove the panel at the bottom of the dishwasher. Install the last (or first, depending where you start) board so it will go under this panel. You should use one board directly in front of the dishwasher that is the width of the dishwasher opening. This way, in the future, if you needed to get the machine out, you only have to remove this one board. However, though more work, plan A is the better way to go and should leave you with lots of adjustment overhead.