Home-made style fillers

Q: I am in New Orleans helping to rebuild this great city. I am encountering a lot of gaps in the floors I’m refinishing. I have been experimenting with the whiting, corn starch, linseed oil mix putty – home-made style.

It works great, but the application is very difficult. I want to try and find out about ways to apply the mixture loose, and spread it over the whole floor. Can you help?

A: I’m not familiar with that filler mix, but thanks for mentioning it too me. Timbermate has a filler line which boast that it won’t crack, shrink or fall out. It is quite expensive.

I have used all sorts of fillers including Woodwise and Bona, but they all fall out if there is movement or vibration, which really vexes me, considering the cost. Timbermate has the greatest boast, but I have heard it is really hard to sand off.

If you can get this mixture to the consistency you feel is easy to spread, just mix it in a plastic bucket and pour a puddle and spread it as thin as possible with a flat blade trowel.