Climates and wood flooring

Q: Does 3/4 solid hardwood flooring work better in certain parts of the United States?

A: You should be asking this question of flooring persons in the U.S. in certain extreme climates. I think solid wood is great anywhere, provided it is installed above grade and has been properly acclimated to the environment and installed on a properly prepared sub surface.

Related Q: I live in the middle of Florida. I have carpet right now and wish to know if wood flooring is acceptable for Florida climate. I keep hearing do’s and don’ts. What would the pro and cons be?

A: The main thing is to acclimate the flooring to the environment where it will be installed before installing it. Then try to maintain close to that relative humidity level in the home. If it is being installed over a concrete slab, you have to test first to make sure you don’t have moisture coming up through the slab. It is all about controlling the environment and moisture.