Manufacturers floor cleaner doesn’t work

Q: I purchased what I thought was superior ********* ********** about 2.5 years ago. Since then I am totally dissatisfied with the flooring. I contacted ******** who sent out a 3rd. party rep. who assessed the condition of the flooring. His response is that it “was an inherent quality of the floors and there were no manufacturing defects.”

My complaint is and has been the floor is marked-up and dull, the only time it looks good is when its wet and that is unfortunately briefly when I try unsuccessfully to clean it. When I’ve tried cleaning it with all ****** provided products, you can see footprints, handprints, pawprints and streaks. Anyway, I tried twice to get customer service by ********* to no avail and I’m stuck with a horrible floor in a large portion of my house. Can you recommend any way to try and clean this awful mess?

A: I would try Bona Kemi Pacific floor cleaner. or perhaps a cleaner from The Bona cleaner is the best I know of, and it will remove residue left by nasty cleaners.