Glue down wood over concrete

Q: What steps need to be taken when installing hardwood to stained concrete, glue down method? It won’t adhere.

A: You are going to have to go to your local tool rental and ask them for a machine (polisher) that can scratch enough of the paint off the cement so that you can get adhesion. I’m not aware of any type of sealer that would be a work around for this. Not sure the adhesive you might be using, but Bostik’s Best and Bostik Findlay’s other adhesives are a good bet.

Related Q: I need to replace some damaged flooring for a customer, and the flooring was glued directly to a cement slab. I don’t know what adhesive they used originally. What kind of adhesive is best for this type of application?

A: I don’t envy you this job. I would use a urethane adhesive such as Bostiks Best.