Non slip finish for stairs

Q: I have a new (and as yet unfinished) hardwood spiral stairs constructed of American White Ash and want to apply a durable finish that can be used on the whole stairs / treads, balusters and handrail. We have used a water based lacquer elsewhere on some white oak flooring but I am advised this will be more troublesome on stairs because of wear and difficulty of maintenance.

I am being guided towards an oiled finish because it is easier to maintain  (just apply some more_ and because it is more non-slip. If this is the way to go, the question then is which one? For example, Liberon do Danish Oil, Tung Oil, Floor Sealer etc?. We want to achieve a pleasant sheen. Also, importantly, we want a light honey coloration to the end result to accentuate the delightful wood grain.

A: If you really want a non slip finish, then a water borne urethane such as Basic Coatings Hydroline is the way to go. Since this finish is clear, non yellowing, you would have to stain the steps first, and let the stain, if an oil stain, to thoroughly dry before finishing. Hydroline is meant for commercial, sports floors, so there should be no issue regarding toughness.
Incidentally, Bona Kemi mega, if that is what you were referring to, is not a lacquer, but is also a water borne oxygen cross linked urethane.