How to refinish oak parquet

Q: I am refinishing an oak parquet floor which I have already sanded. I would like to achieve a dark-espresso finish and I am unsure as to whether I should use oil or water-based stain.

Which coats should I sand in between? Can I leave windows open for ventilation or do I run the risk of dust causing an issue?

A: I hope you will indulge me for a moment. Your questions regarding the basics of the job are exactly why this work should be left to a professional. Each question you ask could easily involve a lengthy, detailed comment, but I will be brief.

Use an oil stain. Lightly buff each coat of polyurethane if using oil or solvent-borne. It can be helpful to ventilate the area during the coating process, but wait at least a couple of hours for the finish to flow and level.

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A: If it is solid wood it can be. Sounds like a ton of work.

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