Product for restoring floor causes build-up

Q: I recently made the mistake of ordering something off the Internet to restore my floor. I put some on our sealed hardwood floors and it looked great. It looks like a clear white wax. the next time I put on a coat, it didn’t look so good. So, we decided it was time for it to come off. I called the people who made it and they said they didn’t know how to get it off.

What is the best way to get up a wax type product, which I shouldn’t have used in the first place? I’ve read on the Internet everything from ammonia to ice down and chipping it up. I have it on every floor in the house and would like an easier solution than ice.

A: You could try super degooper, sold at Home Depot. It can also be purchased from Swing Paints web site:

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  1. Wanted to add that it’s good to ask a pro before using anything advertised (Internet, TV, etc.) for floors, even specifically for wood floors.

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