Floating hardwood floor

Q: Is there such a thing as a floating hardwood floor? I have seen hardwood flooring that has a uniclic design which looks like it can be floating.

If so, what types of things should I consider for installing it in my new (less than 5 year old) condo? Would there be a sub floor over the concrete?

A: Yes there are floating laminates with a solid wood surface or veneer. Most, if not all use a click joint these days. Torlys makes nice stuff and their web site also provides installation instructions. www.torlys.com. You will need foam padding. These floors are not quite as easy to install as some may have you believe. Especially in condominiums that may have metal door casings, it becomes difficult to deal with. The side and end board puller bar and tapping block are indispensable when installing these floors.