Matching stair nose to new floor

Q: I just had natural red oak floors installed in my home. The stair nose color/shade (it is connected to the dinning room wood floor) does not look good next to it.

The color of the stair nose looks more like a light tan colored wood, not like a red oak and it does not nearly have the beautiful shine the prefinished flooring has. The company just added a water based tinted polyurethane coat to help the color of the stair nose but I still do not like it and it did not help the color very much. I feel that all the poly has to be sanded off and a stain applied directly to the stair nose to help match the wood that it is next to. What do you think?

A: Short of having a nosing provided by the floor manufacturer, I would sand/scrape this nosing down and stain it to match the floors, then finish it.