Wax floor with fuzzies

Q: I had hardwood floors installed in 2005. My sister in law said to wax them which I did. Grand children walked on wet floors carrying their fuzzy blanket; hence disaster.

Please tell me if there is anyway to clean and remove wax and if it is possible to polyurethane them. The floors were just waxed.

A: A waxed floor would have to be fully sanded professionally if you wanted to switch to polyurethane. This is not something you would want to tackle by yourself.
There is a good product for cleaning up waxed floors called Renovator. It is made by Dura Seal (a Min Wax company) and you can read about it at www.duraseal.com. Any local hardwood flooring retailer should have it or be able to order it for you. Rubbing this floor down with 0000 steel wool dampened with wax may also help remove the fuzzies.