Applying gloss before satin when finishing floor

Q: We have just sanded and stained our red oak wood flooring with ******** Quick Coat and now want to use 3 coats of ******** oil based poly as the finish. We want the final finish to be satin.

Does it make sense to put down a gloss layer for the first round then use the buffer with 120 grit to abrade and use satin for the other 2 layers?

A: It doesn’t really matter. The first two coats will have to be screened down anyway. Most satin finishes have to be very well stirred or you could have a problem with the distribution of the flattener (silica) in the coating. The only product I’ve never that issue with is Poloplaz Primero and Supreme. If the gloss you may have is cheaper than the satin, I would go ahead and do the first two coats with that and use satin for the final.

Follow-up Q: I ended up using the ******** Quick Dry Sealer screened then a layer of the their poly screened and then top coated. While it hasn’t been 24 hours yet I can already see/feel tiny bubbles on the top coat. Poly was stirred thoroughly and had no bubbles when put into our bucket. It was then applied with lambs wool applicator dipped and not splattered. The coats were not overworked, put down and pulled across the floor.

What are you thoughts on possible options now? Another screening and then top coat with Poloplaz?

A: Save yourself a lot of grief and use the Primero.

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