Shoe scuff marks on wood floor

Q: We just installed a very expensive hardwood floor (alomediam Brazilian wood-dark wood) and after two coats of varnish, I can see shoe scarf marks. What is the strongest varnish or finish that can used of this type of wood so as to prevent any scratch marks?

A: Perhaps these scuff marks will just wipe off?

I would probably suggest a waterborne finish such as Street Shoe from Basic Coatings, or Dura Seal X Terra or a Bona Kemi or Vermeister finish. These are professional coatings, however, and are best left to the professional to apply. Additionally, if you have used an oil-based polyurethane, you will have to give the floor at least 3 weeks to make sure it is fully cured before applying one of these coatings over top.

No finish is indestructible and the harder the finish is, the more difficult it becomes to recoat down the road when the finish begins showing signs of wear.

How to get marks off the floor from sneakers

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I have a cheap floor that really needs some attention. Can you please tell me how to get the marks off from sneakers and also when moved the kitchen table and some other things it took the finish off. The scuff marks are not black they look like it took the finish off. Once again the floor is very cheap and we are going to replace this but for now, I need something to make it look halfway nice.

A: I am curious as to why you refer to your floor as a “cheap” floor? My curiosity gets the better of me sometimes. If this floor is finished with a surface coat such as polyurethane, a polyurethane cleaner which can be purchased from any store that sells hardwood flooring should remove any heel marks.

Also, provided the floor surface has not been contaminated with waxes, silicone products, or oil soaps, it should be possible to lightly abrade the finish and apply another coat to help freshen up the appearance somewhat.

You can deal with small spots in this way also, but don’t expect a perfect, invisible blend in with the rest of the floor with such spot repairs.

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