Filling in the scratches in rental floor before moving

Q: We are moving soon and would like to repair any scratches we might have left in the wood floors in our apartment. The floors were not in good shape when we arrived and moving furniture improperly has made them worse. I don’t want to do anything too difficult as I am not a professional and I don’t want to spend the money. However I do like the landlord and would hate to leave them in their current condition w/o trying to help.

Do you have any suggestions that would make them look nice? I can’t remove any boards or sand and polish. Would the wood putty or fillers work?

A: Tough to give a good comment without knowing the extent of the damage. Sounds like this is more than just scratches, and more like dents and grooves. Some colour matched filler and a bit of finish (depending on the filler used) might help to lessen the impact of the marks. there is a line of tube fillers, coming in hundreds of colours. I think it’s called colour rite. Or