Removing tile

Q: We have a tile down the front hallway and wood almost everywhere else. Is it possible to lift the tile and replace it with the hardwood flooring we have left over from the doing the rest of the house?

A: Do you mean ceramic tile? Yes, you can break it up and remove it. Make sure you protect your floor from shards that break off.

2 thoughts on “Removing tile”

  1. Follow up Q: Yes, I mean ceramic tile. I guess the glue stuff or whatever they lay the tile on will be a challenge to get off. Right now the tile and hardwood where it meets is the same height so I will have to make sure it stays that way when the new wood is on. Any suggestions there?

    A: The tile should be installed on a cement type base called a scratch coat and wire mesh. A sledge hammer and wrecking bar should be all that you need…and something to remove the large staples that keep the mesh in place.

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