Removed wall and joining floors

Q: I have removed a wall and added a room adjacent to our kitchen.  The new flooring is 2 ½ inch tongue and groove flooring to match the width of the existing flooring.  The interface between the existing floor and the new flooring I will install is nearly level in height.  I think the new flooring would be better if it was extended into the kitchen in the standard way where the board ends are not all in a line but staggered.

The result would be that the new flooring would mate with the existing flooring in the standard staggered end of board pattern. My question is how to cut the existing flooring one board at a time and not mar the existing floor?

A: I would use my Fein Super Cut, but I doubt you will be spending over $1000 for that. Hammer and chisel it will have to be. I would suggest a different way.  I would install a header board in the doorway and run the flooring up to that.  The advantage to doing this, rather than have the wood all run together from one room to the next is that, if one area eventually needs a recoat or sanding, you can do that one area and not the other.  You just use the header board as the divider between areas.

Related Q: I tore down a metal stud wall leaving about a 4 and 1/2 inch gap. My planks are about 6.5 inches wide. How can I fill it in?

A: If you have any of the original flooring, rip them down on a table saw to fit. If not, go buy what you need. Anything wide enough. You will most likely have to cut them down to size.