Professional hardwood floor installation fees

Q: What would be helpful is if you could give me approximates on the cost of a floor – in this instance say 1200 sq. ft, prefinished if possible.

A: In Toronto, Canada, I was installing at a rate of $3.00 sq. ft. (CAD) for prefinished, circa 2005.

Ballpark hardwood installation fee

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: Can you give me a “ballpark” on how much it would cost for a complete installation (including moving all of the furniture and disposing of the existing carpet) of cork/glue subfloor, Maple Wood, Natural Finish, 3/8″ thick, 3″ wide? Space is approx. 450 sq. ft.

A: The adhesive is about $200 per pail and you will need at least 4. The cork is $1.25 an sq. ft. to install and the flooring is $3.00 sq. ft. to install. [Canadian Prices] I would need to check on the cost of the flooring itself. (From the early 00s!)

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