Renting a buffing machine for lackluster floors?

Q: Our “Pergo-type” hardwood floors that have become dull and horribly scuff-marked over the past few years. I do dust mop them frequently, but the lustre and scuff marks need to go. I’ve tried and tried to find the best way to clean the area.

I’ve thought about renting a buffing machine and using a low-grit pad to remove the scuff marks and polish them back to a nice shine..

A: I would probably either contact the manufacturer, or scan other laminate manufacturers for their solutions. distributes very good laminate products and I have little doubt you could find some information there. Also, I have recently received a jug of cleaner from Swing Paints, a.k.a. Circa 1850 line of products which claims to be useful for cleaning surface coated hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate etc. The product is called Bare Floor.

I hope this gives you a place to start. I would hold off with buffing or applying anything that might make matters worse.