Hardwood floors in bath and laundry rooms

Q: We are currently remodeling our home and plan on putting wood flooring in both our master bath as well as our laundry room. I know wood floors are generally not recommended for these areas because of water, moisture, etc. However, we are unable to be perfectly happy with any other flooring. Is there any particular species that would be able to hold up better than the others?

Also, we are planning on painting both floors? Any suggestions?

A: I would suggest, if this is the way you intend to go, to install quarter sawn white oak. A bit harder than regular oak but more stable as far as side to side expansion/contraction. I don’t know why you would paint rather than have multiple coats of a top quality polyurethane applied. Maple would be good for painting because it is so smooth with tight grain, but it gets a little cranky if subject to fluctuations in humidity.