Bare micro-bevels

Q: We have recently done a DIY hardwood floor installation using a pre-finished birch product purchased from a major home improvement retailer. This material has micro-bevels, but we noticed during installation that it appears the finish which was applied to the top surface of the strips does not extend down the bevels, i.e.. the bevels are stained, but not actually finished.

The result of this is that in all the bevels in the completed floor, we have exposed, unfinished wood, which is susceptible to absorbing liquids easily and could quickly ruin the floor – there are already a couple spots that have started to swell from spills.

Of course, we could refinish the entire floor, but we were wondering if there was some way we might be able to seal the joints/bevels without resorting to a full refinish job?

A: You have now discovered just one of the drawbacks of pre finished floors. The bevels, for one example, are why I try to direct my customers away from these floors.

First, I would say, if the bevels seem unfinished, then you should contact the manufacturer.

Second, I think you should have talked to a professional. If this type of work was really a do it yourself project, guys like myself who have invested years and thousands of dollars in equipment would be out of business. We know it is not easy. You just found out the same truth. I would suggest, again, asking the manufacturer of the floor how to deal with this problem, since it is a manufacturing problem.