Hydrogen Peroxide to remove black stains

Q: I recently removed 30 year old carpet from hardwood floors. I discovered some spots that were dark black (I am guessing pet stains). I applied hydrogen peroxide to them and after a few treatments, the black stains lifted and the wood was left white.

I chemically stripped a 3 X 1 rectangle around the white spots so that application of stain would be even and not spotty. My problem is that the white spots in the wood are now not taking the stain as dark as the chemically stripped areas. Is there anything I can do?

A: Hydrogen Peroxide to remove black stains? Never heard of that. I must try it out myself.

There is an old trick that helps achieve an even staining. Before applying the stain, wet the entire floor with water and let it dry. This will open the grain of the wood more and allow better stain penetration. Now you have already applied the stain. What you could try is to scrape or sand just those spots and once you have removed as much of the stain that is possible, wet the area and stain as above. Hopefully that will do the trick.