Surface scratches in factory finish floor

Q: My solid golden oak floor recently got scratched, a screw from a chair caused surface scratches, also some small gouges. How do I repair these areas without having to remove the boards? The scratches appear to be mostly in the factory varathane finish.

A: The first thing to do is contact the manufacturer of this floor to ask if they have a touch up kit. This may consist of wood putty, perhaps colour matched to your floor. It may also contain some suitable finish to apply. Most of these floors have 1 of 2 types of water borne aluminum oxide coatings applied. They can be problematic to fix. Start with the manufacturer and or the company who installed the floor. There must be a hardwood distributor near you. They will likely carry a range of wood filler/putty and finishes you may use to fix the boards. Most often, there is better chance of getting an invisible fix if you finish the entire board, rather than a small spot.

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