Nicks and scratches

Q: We have pre-finished floors and they told us that the floors would never need to be (and couldn’t be) sanded and refinished. The floors are only about 6 months old but we have a few spots where things have been dropped and small nicks and chinks and scratches have been left.

How can we fix these areas without damaging the rest of the floor or without making the damaged area worse?

A: I would consider the first 2 statements to be incorrect, if this is a solid wood floor. There are distinct drawbacks to pre finished floors, but they can be sanded and finished.

For small nicks and dents:there are all kinds of colour match fillers and putty on the market. You should be able to find a colour close enough to your own floor. It may be a good idea to start by contacting the manufacturer of the floor. They likely have exactly what you need.