Install hardwood in basement

Q: I would like to install hardwood in my basement. I understand the moisture problems with basements, is there not a product out there that would seal the cement making it water proof? I was thinking of an epoxy paint, like the one they use on garage floors.

Would this stop ground moisture from penetrating the concrete? I would then use a plywood subfloor prior to installing the hardwood.

A: I would not suggest a paint, as it may also interfere with a proper bond with the adhesive for the engineered floor. There are numerous products on the market that serve to retard moisture. One such can be found at Follow the hardwood flooring links for bostik products to the surface preparation link. You can even watch a video telling us all about MVP sub floor treatment. Don’t forget to make some popcorn! Perhaps a less expensive approach would be to glue plastic sheeting (at least 4 mil) to the concrete using one of the Bostik adhesives which are all moisture resistant. Check all the data at the bostik web site.