Peel and stick veneer for risers

Q: I’m going to refinish risers in oak veneer. You can buy veneer that is pre-glued that you iron on, or veneer that has no glue. I have also seen on an American do it yourself show a veneer that had a peel and stick backing.

What would you recommend and where can you buy it in the Toronto area?

A: I haven’t seen peel and stick oak veneer for risers, but it would not surprise me if such a thing existed. My mother once bought some peel and stick cedar strips for a couple of walls in the house, and it didn’t adhere well at all.

I would just cut each piece to fit and spread some construction adhesive on the back. The one glitch I can see with using self adhesive products is the difficulty placing the product in place. If the adhesive is worth it’s weight, you would have to be dead on with no wiggle room in case you were out of alignment. Go with the construction/urethane adhesive.