Floor pops where glue didn’t adhere

Q: About three years ago, we had some laminate 1/4 wood floors glued to the concrete in my garage which was converted to a family room. The wood was acclimated as prescribed and the floor had to be skimmed per the installers recommendation. Since that time, there have been several areas that have apparently either “cupped” from the floor or were never actually adhered due to a poor skim or trawling job by the installers.

In any event, the floor now “pops” in those areas when you walk across them, which is quite annoying. Is there any way to fix these areas?

A: Drill a few small holes and inject some adhesive.

Related Q: We had engineered strips glued to the sub-floor by a local installer, and now the floor pops in places where you walk on it. I’m assuming the adhesive didn’t take. Is there any way to repair this?

A: There are injector type kits that can be used. A tiny hole would need to be drilled to allow insertion of the adhesive which will expand and fill the cavity beneath. I thing Vermeister and Bostik-Findley both make a product like this.