Height transitions

Q: I will be installing 3/4″ flooring onto slab. The wood flooring will abut another room that has tile. The 3/4″ CDX subfloor, and papers, will roughly create a difference 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches higher than my tile. What kind of transition techniques do you recommend?

The height difference will be more than a 3/4″reducer strip can handle. I thought about T-Molding, but I’m not sure if this piece will be the solution. Do they make reducer strips thicker?

A: A T mold would not work in this case. They are intended to transition 2 surfaces of the same height. Perhaps you could use a 3/4 reducer if you remove the bottom edge of the groove side and cut a narrow strip which can shim up the one edge. Other wise, you might have to make your own reducer or go to a speciality shop that makes such. I have never seen an “off the rack” reducer to cover such a height difference.