Glued laminate removal

Q: We have a 20 X 20 section of 1/4 inch wood laminate flooring. We are trying to remove the entire area to put down new floors in our home. We are having a difficult time removing the flooring as it is a click in place and it has been glued to a particle underlayment. Is there something that can be used to heat the glue to make the removal easier?

A: I would use a circular saw and cut the floor into smaller sections, about 3 feet wide and try using a wrecking bar. But then, you will still have the mess of the adhesive. You won’t have a smooth clean surface to work with. I don’t really like multiple layers, but in this case, since the laminate is very thin material, I would be inclined to screw 1/2, if not 5/8 plywood over top of it, into the joists.