Painted concrete with a glued down floor on top

Q: I have a concrete floor (above grade) that I would like to put down an engineered hardwood floor. The problem is that the concrete has been previously painted (a long time ago). What problems can I expect with a glued down floor?

Will the paint allow the glue to separate from the concrete? Can anything be done?

A: The question is, will the paint allow adhesion? Bostik has an excellent line up of adhesives to use, yet all their data sheets indicate the concrete must be free of sealers. A few options. Glue a piece of flooring down in a spot and leave it a couple of days. See how easily it will pull away. If it is one of these adhesives you are using, I would recommend contacting Bostik-Findley to make sure. You may have to rent a special “polisher” that will scarify the concrete, or install a layer of plywood over the concrete. Check all bases before proceeding, because you don’t want this to fail.