How to Clean Wood Floors


Besides vacuuming regularly, you can clean wood floors with a solution made for the type of floor finish you have. Various homemade cleaners and general cleaners on the market can leave residues that will make your floors dull, or create problems with the finish when the time comes to recoat your wood floors.

First figure out what kind of finish you may have. Does it feel waxy? Put a few drops of water on the surface and let it sit 10 minutes. If it leaves a spot you probably have a waxed floor. Dura Seal ( has a very good maintenance product called Renovator for wax finishes.

If it is not a wax finish, you need to find an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner for polyurethane finishes, that does not leave an oily residue. No oil soaps! Home Depot carries a suitable cleaner called Zepp. Many wood flooring manufacturers also carry a line of cleaners for their products. Be sure to spray it onto the cloth your are using to clean your wood floors, instead of directly onto the floor.

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