Epoxy grout on floor

Q: We installed an engineered hardwood floor in our kitchen. When we were putting in the epoxy grout on the granite counters we got a few spots on the floor.

Is there any way we can get them out?

A: I hate to say this, but you may have to change the boards. I have installed a few engineered floors, with ******** being the cream of the crop. Here is the issue I have with such products. Aside from the bevelled edge and the colours that manufacturers use, they also use aluminum oxide or ceramic coatings. Even if you are able to rub the heck out of the individual board and get another coat of finish to adhere, will it match the sheen? Big IF’s.

I have heard from more than one person who was intimately involved in the coating industry who feels aluminum oxide coatings are a big problem down the road. In your case, down the road has already arrived. I do believe you will have to change the boards. You may want to contact the manufacturer of your floor and also the manufacturer of the grout to find out if there may be some way to get it off your floor.