Sticky stained floor

Q: I am refinishing some wood floors. I put the stain on in both rooms, in one room the floor was sticky from the stain. It has been 48 hours and this room is still sticky!

A: You are supposed to properly sand and prepare the wood to accept the stain. After applying, and allowing the stain to sit for a few minutes, the excess is to be removed by wiping with a cloth. What methods did you use?

Sticky in places

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I put a stain on my hardwood floors. I thought it was dry, then applied a coat of poly. It’s now it is sticky in places. What can I do? This is a rental property. Looks good, but sticky.

A: Ventilation and warmth. Open some windows if need be. Run some fans. If it gets cool at night, turn on the furnace, to keep the temperature at least to 70F.

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