Scuff marks

Q: Do you have any tips for removing scuff marks? They seem to be only on the surface of the floor, i.e. not into the wood itself.

A: If this is a polyurethane coating, an appropriate polyurethane cleaner should do the trick. Such products are made by such companies as Bona Kemi, Basic Coatings and Dura Seal/Minwax to name a few.

Related Q: We are looking for a fix for a large scuff mark on a very dark stained oak floor with a matte lacquer finish. The finish is about two months old. Any suggestions?

A: Well, if it is matte that will work in your favour. All you need is some of the finish and fine sandpaper. Lightly but thoroughly abrade the affected boards completely. Apply painters tape all around the edges of those boards and apply a thin coat of the finish. Remove tape immediately. You might also first try rubbing the area with some floor cleaner (not supermarket cleaners) or isopropol alcohol to see if the scuff goes away first.