Formaldehyde off gassing

Q: I really need your help can laminated flooring make you sick? I installed ***** flooring in our old house and soon after developed lightheadedness and severe dizziness.

We later moved into a rental until our new house was built and the rental house only had tile in it. I noticed within a week or to all my light hardheadedness was gone and all the dizziness to. We could only think of one thing the flooring. We put it in our new house but only in the great room and with in two weeks I started feeling sick again. I never had a problem with carpet in the house only until we put in the ***** flooring. Can you please help me with a answer.

A: I am not familiar with this particular product. However, there are many products in our homes, including plywood, the core of cabinets, and likely even laminate that uses a urea formaldehyde adhesive. There is more than one type of such adhesive, and the off gassing is likewise less with one type than with another. I have no idea if this is the source of your problem. You would have to contact the manufacturer of the product. Such off gassing is probably minuscule if at all, and it is difficult to imagine anyone could incur such instant effects from such small exposure. Can’t think of anything else related to products like this.

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