“Gymnasium Finish”

Q: We purchased our home ~6 years ago and the former owners said that the hardwood floors had a “gymnasium finish”. From what I’ve been able to find this means a penetrating oil finish. What is the best product to clean and buff this type of floor?

Where can I find a home-model floor polisher? My mother had one years and years ago with rotating bristles and snap on soft pads.

A: You need to make sure this finish is an oil finish. Some companies front a polyurethane which they call a gymnasium finish also. I don’t know of any gym that has just an oil finish. If it is a penetrating oil, you can buff it and apply another coat of oil finish. I would suggest you visit www.duraseal.com for more info. about this. They do have a product called Renovator to clean and seal oiled and waxed floors. I know the polisher type you are talking about. My grandmother had one of those too.:) Oh the good old days. You might shop around used appliance stores. Check tool rental stores. Perhaps someone has a 15″ polisher, light duty you could buy.