An oil based stain plus an oil based polyurethane varnish

Q: Can I add an oil based stain to an oil based polyurethane varnish and apply over my pre-sanded maple floor? Will this technique avoid the problem of staining maple floors and ending up with a blotchy stain look?

What is a better solution? I want to avoid the light contemporary look of maple in my 130 year old house.

A: I really wouldn’t suggest you do that. For one, you will likely end up with a streaky stain colour. Also, it will mean little to know penetration of the stain into the wood. I know maple is a pain to deal with. There are “conditioners” that can be applied to problem woods such as maple and pine to enable a more uniform staining. I believe Circa1850 product line has such a product. They also have an exterior marine varnish that they can tint to a particular colour. For that however, you would have to make request to the vice president of the company, Mark Chaimberg.

I would tell him what you had in mind. For their other products see

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A: Regardless of whether it is stained or not, it will probably still have a polyurethane finish. Colour is a matter of taste.